A Kings Journey

Working method

The impetus for this shadow play was a small silhouette of the visual artist Wiebke Steinmetz "Exodus of the Kings". After initial discussions with Wiebke Steinmetz and tests with material and light, we developed a basic idea for the story. We then went into a 3-week test phase to find out whether and how we could implement this idea. In the following weeks and months we experimented with light, objects and different figure techniques. Afterwards, step by step the story was developed through improvisation, figures, music and the lighting technology were added.  For each scene a special figure technique was designed, different sizes of figures and sceneries were determined. Only after the distances and angles of the spotlights, the required stage techniques etc. had been determined was the stage built. Stefan Wey stood by us as "Draufblick" (director) for 7 weeks, Wiebke Steinmetz for about 5 weeks. After the premiere further changes were and are being made and variations are being worked out. Altogether we worked on this production for about 5 months before the premiere and 4 months after the premiere. The search for special spotlights, light and sound control took almost 2 years, so that we 2 actors can control the entire technical sequence during the performance ourselves. This technique is now also used in "Hamlet://Macht.Schatten.Play". After the first performances it turned out that the figures did not meet the requirements and further mechanics had to be developed. In 2008 we built all figures again from a different material. After each performance we continue to make improvements to the story, the figures, the technique etc.

Idea/Actors: Annette Wurbs and Peter Müller
Top view: Stefan Wey
History: Team
Music: John Carlson
Stage, figure and stage technology, light, sound: Peter Müller